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Building Permits

Building Permits

The City of Waupun contracts out Building Inspection Services. The building inspector for the City is Rob Froh with Kunkel Engineering Group. The building inspector is available in City Hall on Monday and Wednesday from 1:00 pm - 4:00 p.m. and Friday from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (or by appointment). If you need to reach the building inspector directly, please call him at (920) 382-6202.

Download and print a building permit here.



  1. 2 sets of building plans
  2. 2 plats of survey or plot plan (showing elevations and distances to lot lines)
  3. 2 copies of Therman Performance Sheets (heat loss calculations)
  4. 2 Copies of Erosion Control Plan (can be included on survery or plot plan
  5. Completed application, including contractors certification numbers, or signed cautionary statement to owner


  1. 1 set of building plans
  2. 1 copy of plot plan showing existing structures and proposed work, setbacks and erosion control
  3. Completed application


  1. Site plan approval from the Plan Commission
  2. State-approved building plans and description of the building
  3. 2 copies of survey of the property showing all buildings located on it to scale (Include Erosion Control measures on a copy of the survey)
  4. Completed application
BUILDING PERMIT FEES (Effective 12-13-06)
Windows & DoorsYes$30.00
Siding, soffit, guttersYes$30.00

A. New installationYes$30.00
B. Adding a 2nd layer of shinglesNo-
Fireplace or wood burnerYes$35.00
Remodel existing home and garage (includes kitchen, bathroom, basement, etc. - No permit required for a suspended ceiling or paneling existing wallsYes$5 per $1000 ($40 min)
One & Two Family home

A. Construction (does not include Electrical, HVAC, or plumbing)Yes$.10 per sq. ft. + $75
B. ElectricYes$.03 per sq. ft. + $35
C. HVACYes$.03 per sq. ft. + $35
D. PlumbingYes$.03 per sq. ft. + $35
E. State Building Permit SealYes$30.00
F. Permit to Start (footings & foundation)Yes$50.00
G. Escrow feeYes$350.00
H. Re-Inspection Fee
1st one free, $50 for 2nd
Multi-Family, Apartments

A. New building (Does not include Electrical, HVAC, or Plumbing)Yes$.10 per sq. ft. + $75
B. ElectricalYes$.03 per sq. ft. + $35
C. HVACYes$.03 per sq. ft. + $35
D. PlumbingYes$.03 per sq. ft + $35
E. Escrow Fee (new and additions)Yes$350.00
F. Re-Inspection Fee
1st one free, $50 for 2nd
G. Addition to buildingYes$.10 per sq. ft. + $40
H. Remodeling ExistiingYes$5 per $1000 ($40 min)
Commercial & Industrial

New Construction & Additions (does not include Electrical, HVAC, or Plumbing)Yes$.10 per sq. ft. + $75
B. ElectricalYes$.03 per sq. ft. + $35
C. HVACYes$.03 per sq. ft. + $35
D. PlumbingYes$.03 per sq. ft. + $35
E. Escrow FeeYes$350.00
F. Re-Inspection fee
1st on free, $50 for 2nd
G. Remodeling existingYes$5 per $1000 ($40 min)

A. NewYes$.10 per sq. ft. ($30 min)
B. AdditionYes$.10 per sq. ft. ($30 min)
Addition to existing homeYes$.10 per sq. ft. + $40
Decks, porches, patiosYes$50.00
Central Air ConditioningYes$35.00
Furnace & Central Air installed at same timeYes$35.00
Driveway improvementsNoContact Public Works Department
Swimming Pool

A. In-groundYes$50.00
B. Above groundYes$50.00
Commercial towers and antennasYes$.10 per sq. ft. ($30 min)
Electrical ServiceYes$35.00
Move house & garageYes$500 house, $100 garage
Sign (Cost per sign)Yes$50.00
Demolition of buildingsYes$50 prin structure, $25 acc
Plumbing permits

A. Sewer & water lateralYes$35.00
B. Fixture (floor drains, sinks, water heater, dishwasher, bathtubs, showers, water closets, laundry tubs, urinals, drinking fountains)Yes$.03 per sq. ft. + $35

Zoning Fees

One & Two Family dwelling$65.00
Residential Additions$40.00
Commercial Buildings$125.00
Commercial additison / alterations$85.00
Residential Accessory Structure$25.00
Commercial Accessory$50.00
Change of Use / Occupancy$25.00
Other (fence/pool/deck, etc)$25.00

Why Building Permits are Required

A building permit serves as formal and legal permission to start any construction project. The issuance of a building permit indicates that plans for a new structure, addition, renovation, foundation, plumbing, air conditioning, fire place, prefabricated structure, temporary building or mobile home have been approved by local government officials and that the plans comply with mandated building codes and zoning laws.

How to Apply for a Permit

An application for a building permit is available through the local Building Inspectors office. In addition to the completed application; sketches, building drawings, plans or other documents may need to be submitted for review.

A fee or charge for services including water connection and surveys may be required of the applicant. In select cases, an architect or engineer will be needed to design the building and prepare necessary drawings and detailed plans.

Delays Due to Permits

Homeowners may be led to believe that submitting an application for a building permit could cause unnecessary and costly alterations to their plans. They also could feel that going through bureaucratic channels will created undue delays in construction.

However, the majority of building permit applications are processed with little delay. If plan modifications are needed, the deficiencies are based on a careful review of the proposed work to insure safe and sound construction.

A positive aspect of applying for the permit is that homeowners have access to the code official's knowledge and experience when and if they have any inquires about their projects or the permit itself.

Process of Applications

Municipal staff members review submitted applications to make sure they are in accordance with the building code, local zoning and other applicable laws.

If problems occur with the proposal, building officials meet with the applicant to discuss the needed changes or alterations prior to issuing a permit.

Zoning Approval

When property to be developed is regulated by a local site plan or zoning law, a building permit will not be issued until all site plan requirements issued by the municipality are met.

Appealing Refusal of Building Permit

If an applicant is refused issuance of a building permit, he/she can appeal the decision of the code official to the Board of Appeals.

Obligations During Construction

A condition of a building permit is that the applicant completes the work as approved by the municipality in accordance with the building code and the plans as approved by the code official. Applicants are also required to give advance notice to the code official at key points in the construction.

Inspections During Building Construction

Inspections required under the building code are listed on the building permit. Such inspections are performed by a building inspector, who checks each major phase of construction and makes certain that the work conforms to the building code, the building permit, and the approved building plans.

For your information

Property owner is responsible for obtaining permit

Building permit is good for one year from date of issuance (exception: 1&2 family housing - 2 years)


**Escrow fees shall be deposited with the Building Inspector when a building permit is issued. Escrow fees shall be returned to the payee upon completion of the building for which the building permit was issued if the following conditions are met. (1) The building department is properly notified for all required building inspections, (2) the applicant has received an occupancy permit prior to occupancy of the building, (3) all building code orders must be corrected and completed within the specified time stated in the orders. Failure to meet any of the above conditions shall cause forfeiture of the escrow fee. Fees for re-inspections required due to work not being complete after inspections are requested shall also be deducted from the escrow.