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Rezoning Process

Rezoning Process

When: You want to use your property in a way that is not permitted under its current zoning district.

Why: The City Zoning Ordinance divides all lands into zoning districts for various classes of land uses (residential, commercial, industrial). Specific regulations are set for these districts concerning setbacks and compatible land uses. This is done to protect property owners and citizens from uses that may detract from their enjoyment of their property and to ensure basic standards for health and safety.


Step 1 Set up a meeting with the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Administrator will provide the applicant with the necessary information for proper plan submittal. The items that will be covered in the initial meeting will be:

How the proposed change ties into the City Master Plan
Adjacent zoning districts
Land uses acceptable in proposed zoning district
Required plans and fees
Submittal dates

Step 2 A technical review meeting will be set by the Zoning Administrator. The staff will review the zoning request. Comments from the meeting will be reviewed with the applicant by the Zoning Administrator.

Step 3 Plans, application, and fees ($150.00) shall be submitted two (2) weeks prior to the Plan Commission meeting.

Step 4 Once the application is received, a Notice of Public Hearing will be sent out. The notice will be published twice in the local paper (Class 2 notice) and sent to property owners within 100 feet. The public will have a chance to respond to the zoning request at the public hearing.

Step 5 A public hearing will be held at the Plan Commission. The Plan Commission will hear public input on the applicant's request. Based on the City Staff's review and public input, the Plan Commission will make a recommendation to the Common Council. It is encouraged that the applicant or representative be present at the Plan Commission meeting to answer any questions.

Step 6 The Common Council will make a decision whether or not to approve the rezoning based on the Plan Commission's recommendation. It is encouraged that the applicant be present at the Common Council meeting to answer any questions.