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Pool Requirements

Swimming Pool Requirements

Pool Definition:

A container either temporarily or permanently constructed upon or within the ground so designed as to contain water exceeding twelve (12) inches in depth and having an area greater than one hundred fifty (150) square feet which is used primarily for swimming.


A Building Permit ($50.00) is required for all swimming pools. Swimming pools shall be considered an accessory use and shall observe all side yard and rear yard setbacks as required by this Ordinance. All swimming pools with more than twelve (12) inches of water and sides of more than eighteen (18) inches must have a barrier side or fence surrounding the pool with a minimum height of forty-eight (48) inches above ground level. Anyone wishing to install a swimming pool must submit a plan or sketch of the installation to the Building Inspector.

Sideyard and Rearyards:

Pools must be setback six (6) feet from the side yard and rear yard property lines. No pool may be located in the required front yard setback.


All electrical wiring for equipment in or adjacent to all swimming pools shall be wired in accordance with Article 680 of the National Electrical Code.