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Site Plan Approval

Site Plan Approval Process

When: The site plan approval process is required for all commercial, industrial, and multi-family parcels when there are new buildings, building additions, alterations to parking lots, or changes of land use.

Why: To make sure buildings, additions, and land uses conform to the minimum standards under the City Zoning Code. 


Authorization and Approval of Plans

No building permits shall be issued in any zone for any use other than single and two family dwellings, unless site development plans have been approved by the Plan Commission. For any property where there is an existing building, and/or site plan which has already been approved by the Plan Commission, and the proposed use requires any exterior structural alterations or additional parking; a site plan shall be submitted to the Plan Commission for review and approval.

Consideration for Approval

In the review of site plans, the Plan Commission shall give specific consideration to the design of the following:

  1. TRAFFIC ACCESS: That all proposed traffic access ways are: adequate but not excessive in number; adequate in width, grade, alignment and visibility; not located too near street corners or other places of public assembly; and other similar safety considerations.
  2. CIRCULATION AND PARKING: That adequate off-street parking and loading spaces are provided to prevent parking in public streets of vehicles of any persons connected with or visiting the use and that the interior circulation system is adequate to provide safe accessibility to all required off-street parking.
  3. LANDSCAPING AND SCREENING: That all playground, parking, service areas and roof top mechanical equipment are properly and reasonably screened at all seasons of the year from the view of adjacent lots and streets and that the general landscaping of the site is in character with that generally prevailing in the neighborhood.
  4. ILLUMINATION: That lighting from the installation of outdoor flood or spot lighting and illuminated signs are of a reasonable intensity of illumination for the purpose served and will be properly shielded.

Plan Requirements

Plans shall include a description of all proposed uses and four (4) copies of a Site Plan at 1"=20' or 1"=40' on 2' x 3' sheets and ten (10) copies of a Site Plan on 11" x 17" paper. Showing the subject lot and all structures and curb cuts on adjacent properties within 100 feet of the lot lines of the subject lot, on both sides of the street, plans and elevations of all proposed signs, lighting, and all proposed structures or alterations to existing structures. Site plans shall indicate the following:

  1. Location and height of all existing and proposed structures including signs, walls, and fences;
  2. Location of all uses not requiring a structure;
  3. Location of driveways, loading and parking areas showing the number of spaces required.
  4. Existing and proposed storm drainage, including runoff computations before and after development, unless waived by the Plan Commission, and sanitary sewer and water supply facilities and easements;
  5. Location, nature and extent of open space, landscaping, existing trees in excess of four (4) inches in diameter, buffer strips and screening;
  6. Proposed interior traffic circulation system, adequately designed to provide safe accessibility to all required off-street parking as well as providing police and fire protection to all structures, equipment and materials;
  7. Proper provisions for pedestrian traffic including sidewalks, handicap ramps in accordance with the design standards of the State of Wisconsin Building Code, and/or easements where required by the Plan Commission;
  8. Limits of areas to be permanently paved and provided with lip curbing, and parking and planting islands;
  9. Exterior architectural elevations showing proposed structures and/or changes to existing structures; and
  10. Proposed topography showing proposed elevation at all four (4) corners; these elevations shall be listed on the site plan to the nearest tenth of a foot elevation.

Condition of Approval

Any person, for, or corporation having obtained approval of a site plan shall complete all work and comply with all conditions of approval of said site plan approval within two years after said approval. In the event all such work and/or all such conditions are not completed within said time, the approval granted shall become null and void. The Plan Commission may by resolution and without public hearing extend its approval for one (1) year periods for good cause shown.

Certificate of Site Plan Compliance

In all cases where the Zoning Ordinance requires approval of site plans, no land shall be used and no building or other structure shall be occupied or used until a Certificate of Site Plan Compliance has been issued by the City Engineer stating that all of the provisions of these regulations, any special conditions imposed by the Board of Appeals or the Plan Commission, and all site improvements as approved by the Plan Commission have been completed.

Approval from Other Departments

Prior to submitting any Site Plan to the Plan Commission for approval, such Site Plan must be approved by the Zoning Administrator, Director of Public Works, and the Director of Public Utilities. Site Plans submitted to these departments shall be returned to the applicant within eight (8) working days with recommended changes or approval for review by the Plan Commission.

A Site Plan may be rejected if the required maps are not accurate or of sufficient detail or do not fulfill the Plan Requirements. The City may then require the maps to be re-drawn by a Registered Surveyor and/or Registered Engineer.

Approval of any use or activity required from any other state or local department, excluding the Building Department, shall be obtained and provided before any action is taken by the Plan Commission.


  1. Consultant/engineering: Actual Cost
  2. Department review: $100.00