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Driveway Openings

Driveway Openings & Curb Cut Policy

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  • Call for inspection of formed approach 24 hours prior to placement – (920) 324-7918; or (920) 324-7935. Inspections are done between 8:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., Monday – Friday
  • All inspection requests must have permit number and the correct address. Inspection results must be requested, also requiring the permit number.
  • Specifications and permit applications available in the office of the Director of Public Works as required by Municipal Code section 7.05 (1).
  • When a new curb opening is to be made, the property owner shall have the option to:
  1. Remove only the curb head by use of a carriage mounted, large diameter, precision concrete saw in accordance with the specifications noted in the City of Waupun Curb Cut Policy.
  2. Removal and reconstruction of the entire curb and gutter section. This will only be allowed if the curb and gutter is degraded to a point where curb head cuts are not possible. (as determined by the Department of Public Works).
  • It is the City’s intent to allow the removal of the existing curb section of the concrete curb and gutter to provide an opening to be used for the installation of the driveway approach. When a curb cut is required for a permanent opening to the street, the following shall apply:
  1. The property owner/contractor shall obtain a street opening permit from the office of the Public Works Director. Curb cut shall be in accordance with the permit, these requirements and the attached City of Waupun Driveway Curb Cut Detail Drawing C-001.
  2. The property owner/contractor shall identify the proposed curb cut in the field by marking with paint on the existing curb head. After doing so, the property owner/contractor shall notify Public Works for inspection.
  3. If proposed curb cut is in compliance with all pertinent City codes and specifications, and if the existing curb is in acceptable condition to be cut, work may commence.
  4. Curb cuts must be made by the use of a truck or rail mounted, hydraulically controlled, large diameter saw, designed specifically for this use. The “cut and snap” method, or removing the curb head manually, will no longer be allowed.
  5. Curb cut shall be initiated at the back side of the curb and progress toward the street. (Excavation behind the curb and removal of concrete debris is the sole responsibility of the property owner/contractor.)
  6. Curb cut shall be made to allow for a ½” vertical rise from the gutter flow line, commencing to a 1” ascending slope to the back of the curb.
  7. Public Works personnel shall inspect all work upon completion. Property owner/contractor shall be responsible for any collateral damage affecting improvements within the public right-of-way (i.e. concrete street, concrete sidewalk, etc.)
  8. Curb cut by saw cutting resulting in an irregular finish of the curb and gutter as determined by the Public Works Director shall be completely removed and replaced with new curb and gutter at owners cost.
  9. Policy is effective as of February 27, 2007.
  • Concrete for driveway approach shall be grade A, air-entrained and shall conform to Section 501 of the State of Wisconsin Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, and in particular, meet the following requirements: minimum concrete content, 6.0 bags per cubic yards; compressive strength after 28 days cured, 3,500 psi; maximum amount of water per bag of cement, 6.0 gallons; size of course aggregate required, #1 plus #2; slump, 1”-3”; air content, 4.5% - 7.5%. White curing membrane meeting the requirements for Type 2 of the standard specifications for liquid membrane performing compounds for curing concrete AASHTO designation M148 shall be used to cover all finished concrete.
  • One-half inch (1/2”) x 6” expansion joint material full depth shall be placed between the curb and gutter and the approach or as directed by the City of Waupun Director of Public Works.
  • Existing curb shall be cut with a taper as depicted on the attached detail.
  • Curb cut can be no larger than 30' wide.

If you wish to make curb cuts you must use a city approved contractor. The city maintains a list of approved constractors that can be obtained from the Department of Public Works Department.

The use of any other contractor without the written approval from the City of Waupun will result in owner replacing the curb and gutter to the development standards of the City. This will be at owners cost or the City has the right to replace the curb and gutter and place the assessment on your taxes.


City Approve Curb Cutting Contractors;

Interstate Sawing Co.
7403 Sleepy Hallow Rd
PO Box 453
West Bend, WI 53090
1-262-334-7526 (FAX)