Tree Planting Incentive

Terrace Tree Information

Terrace trees are permitted in the City of Waupun as long as they comply with Section 7.09 of the Waupun Municipal Code. Please see section below entitled Tree Planting for more information. If you wish to install a tree in the terrace, a Planting Permit Application must be completed and approved by the Director of Public Works.

Permit Application

Acceptable Terrace Trees

Tree Planting Ordinance

Tree Planting


Because of tree losses in the City due to age, disease, and storms, City residents are encouraged to plant and replace trees to provide shade, to enhance the beauty of their property, promote energy efficiency, and to provide an asset to the community. The following regulations shall apply:

  1. The intent of this section is to regulate the planting, trimming, pruning, and removal of trees growing on public property in the City. No trees shall be planted in violation of this section of the City ordinance. All those trees shall be removed at the expense of the property owners.
  2. No tree shall be planted within the vision clearance triangle (35 feet) as set forth in §16.02(46m) of the Zoning Code of the City of Waupun and 20 feet of any street signals and light.
  3. No tree shall be planted within less than 10 feet from a sewer main or lateral or water main or lateral are existed.
  4. No tree shall be planted within the terrace areas less than 4 feet wide along the streets of the City. Terrace shall be defined as the area between the sidewalk and the street.
  5. Property owners shall keep all trees, bushes and shrubbery trimmed so that the limbs or branches are not less than 8 feet above the surface of a public sidewalk and not less than 15 feet above the surface of a public street.
  6. Property owners shall remove all dead limbs and branches from trees, whether planted in the terrace or on their own property, so that such limbs and branches do not become a hazard to the health and welfare of City residents.
  7. The property owner shall be responsible for damage caused to the sidewalk, curb, sewer main or lateral or water main or lateral by the tree or tree roots in the City lands.
  8. All trees planted in violation of this section or limbs or branches which are permitted to grow or to remain in violation of this section unless they have gotten a waiver as stated in 7.09(6). Are declared to be a public nuisance and shall be dealt with under the provisions of §9.02(4) of this Municipal Code.
  9. No person shall plant, trim, prune, or remove a tree on public places in the City without first obtaining a permit issued by the Director of Public Works and/or the Recreation coordinator. There will be no charge for this permit. No permit shall be required to cultivate, fertilize, or water trees
  10. Only trees reaching a mature height of 18 feet or less may be planted beneath overhead utility lines.
  11. The Director of Public Works may refuse a tree permit on public area if the work will interfere with the safety, health, and welfare of the public, location of utilities, public sidewalk, driveways and street lights, general character of the area in which the tree is located or proposed to be located, type of soil, or characteristics and physiological need for the genus, species and variety of trees.
  12. There shall be a minimum distance of 35 feet between small sized trees and 50 feet between large or medium sized trees.
  13. Small sized trees should be planted at least 5 feet from driveways and alleys and large and medium sized trees shall be planted at least 15 feet from driveways and alleys. No trees shall be planted within vision triangle of each intersection.
  14. No trees shall be planted within 20 feet from utility pole even small sized trees that are only 12 feet wide. There shall be a minimum distance of 10 feet between trees and water/gas shutoffs.
  15. No person shall plant or grow a tree on any public places where no trees so as to be, in the opinion of Public Works Director, a traffic hazard.
  16. All trees shall have trunks not less than 6feet in height or 1 1/2 inch in diameter. The genus, species and variety of trees to be planted in public areas shall be selected from the City's recommended street tree list or otherwise approved by Public Works Director or the Recreation Coordinator. Approved tree list can be obtained at City Hall Tree list below will be provided at City Hall.