Ordinances & Resolutions


16-03 Traffic Code
16-04 Traffic Code
16-05 Zoning Ordinance
16-06 Zoning Ordinance
16-07 Zoning Ordinance
16-08 Traffic Code

17-01 Orderly Conduct
17-02 Traffic Code
17-03 Traffic Code
17-04 Amend Chapter 24 "Stormwater Utility"
17-05 Amend Chapter 24 "Stormwater Utility"
17-06 Amend Chapter 12 "Public Utilities"
17-07 Amend Chapter 16 "Zoning Ordinance"
17-08 Amend Chapter 24 "Stormwater Utility"
17-09 "Annex Real Estate Located in the Town of Chester to the City of Waupun
17-10 To Annex Real Estate Located in the Town of Chester to the City of Waupun


Resolution 03-17-15-01 Authorizing the Submittal of an Urban Non-Point Source
Resolution 03-17-15-02 Opposing Elimination of the Local Government Property Insurance Fund
Resolution 03-17-15-03 Opposing the Elimination of the Correction's Third Shift Guard Towers
Resolution 04-14-15-01 Opposing Elimination of Personal Property Tax
Resolution 09-08-15-01 Celebrating 35 Years of Municipal Joint Action For Public Power Utilities

Resolution 01-19-16-01 Dodge County Sales Tax
Resolution 04-12-16-01 Issuance & Sale of Water & Electric System Revenue Bonds
Resolution 04-12-16-02 Resolution Authorizing General Obligation Bonds For Fire Dept Projects
Resolution 04-12-16-03 Initial Resolution Authorizing General Obligation Refunding Bonds
Resolution 04-12-16-04 Initial Resolution Authorizing General Obligations for Fire Dept Projects
Resolution 04-12-16-05 Resolution Providing for the Sale of General Obligation Corporate Purpose Bonds
Resolution 07-12-16-01 Authorizing 2016 Budget Amendments In A Series of Funds
Resolution 12-27-16-01 Supporting Sustainable Transportation Funding Resolution In Wisconsin

Resolution 01-10-17-01 Authorizing 2016 Budget Amendments In A Series of Funds
Resolution 01-10-17-02 Approving the Carry Forward of Unexpended 2016 Appropriations
Resolution 01-18-17-01 Recommendation to Establish Public Participation Procedures for 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update
Resolution 01-31-17-01 Establishing Public Participation Procedures For The City of Waupun 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update
Resolution 02-15-17-01 Designating Proposed Boundaries & Approving A Project Plan For Tax Incremental Dist No 7
Resolution 03-14-17-01 Dissolving Tax Incement District (TID) No 4 In the City of Waupun
Resolution 03-14-17-02 Approving the Project Plan & Establishing the Boundaries for & the Creation of Tax Incemental Dist No 7
Resolution 03-28-17-01 Joint Review Bd Approving the Creation of Tax Incremental District No. 7
Resolution 04-18-17-01 Adopting the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, 2017-2022
Resolution 04-18-17-02 Designating Public Depositories & Authorizing Withdrawl of City Monies
Resolution 04-25-17-01 In Support of WI Dairy Farmers Due to Impact of Grassland Dairy Products Inc
Resolution 05-09-17-01 Recognizing Creative Economy Week 2017 For the City of Waupun, WI
Resolution 05-09-17-02 Supporting State Legislation to Close Loopholes That Shift A Greater Tax Burden From Commercial Property Owners to Residential Homeowners
Resolution 05-23-17-01 Declaring Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures From Proceeds of Borrowing
Resolution 08-29-17-01 Authorizing General Obligation Bonds
Resolution 08-29-17-02 Directing Publication of Notice to Electors Relating to Bond Issue
Resolution 08-29-17-03 Providing for the Sale of Not to Exceed $2,000,000 General Obligation Comm Dev Bonds Series 2017A
Resolution 09-26-17-01 Awarding the Sale of $1,970,000 General Obligation Community Development Bonds, Series 2017A
Resolution 10-04-17-01 Existing Employer Option Selection Resolution WI Public Employers' Group Health Insurance Program
Resolution 11-14-17-01 Adopting 2018 Budget & Tax Levy