13-01 Sewer Rate Changes

13-02 Hospital Parking

13-03 Plan Commission Board Membership

 13-04 Conceal & Carry

13-05 Business District Design Guidelines

 13-06 Signage Size

13-07 Sidewalk Permit Charges



Resolution 08-13-13-01 - 12 Hour Parking in City Lots

Resolution 09-10-13-1 - Authorizing Borrowing for Aquatic Pool

Resolution 09-10-13-2 Authorizing Publication for Electors of Aquatic Pool Borrowing

Resolution 09-10-13-3 Authorizing General Obligation Bond for Aquatic Pool

Resolution 09-24-13-01 Petition for the Establishment of a New At-Grade Crossing

Resolution 10-08-13-01 Awarding the Sale of $4,245,000 General Obligation Swimming Pool Bonds, Series 2013A

Resolution 12-10-13-01 Funding for Senior Gateway Housing

Resolution 03-11-14-01 Adopting the Dodge County All Hazards Mitigation Plan

Resolution 04-15-14-01 Designation of Public Depositories